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The decline of muscle mass and strength among older individuals, particularly after 65-70, is a significant public health concern. The prevalence of frailty in older adults requires implementing exercise programs. Cardiovascular or low-intensity exercises are often the first choice. While these types of training can be beneficial, they are less effective than strength-based resistance training in increasing muscle strength and hypertrophy.

When performed progressively and under professional supervision, strength-based resistance training has been identified as a valuable approach to combating sarcopenia, the age-related loss of muscle mass and function.

While cardiovascular and low-intensity exercises have merits, they may impact muscle strength and hypertrophy differently than strength-based resistance training. Strength-based training involves exercises targeting muscle groups and progressively increasing the intensity. This approach allows for the development of muscle strength and hypertrophy, which can help counteract the adverse effects of muscle loss in older individuals.

By implementing strength-based resistance training, older adults can experience muscle mass, strength, and overall physical function improvements. This can positively impact their quality of life, independence, and ability to perform daily activities.

It is important to note that proper supervision and guidance from professionals are essential when engaging in strength-based resistance training, especially for older individuals. This ensures that the training is appropriately tailored to individual capabilities and minimizes the risk of injury.

While cardiovascular and low-intensity exercises are commonly prescribed for older adults, they may not be as effective as strength-based resistance training in addressing the issues associated with muscle loss and frailty. By implementing a progressive and supervised strength-based training program, older individuals can experience significant improvements in muscle strength and hypertrophy, reducing sarcopenia-related problems.

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