Do You Have The Right Stem Cell Doctor?

Do You Have The Right Stem Cell Doctor?

Regenerative medicine is “hot” right now. Unfortunately, this means that some patients may be “easy pickings” for less than scrupulous practitioners. Regenerative medicine is more than just getting a shot of a biologic product—PRP, platelet lysate, hyaluronic acid, or bone marrow concentrate with stem cells. It is a complete system of patient care. Yes, early data show exciting results for PRP and stem cells in terms of stimulating healing and tissue repair for a variety orthopedic injuries and conditions. But, what is the point of receiving any injection if it is done poorly, or done without proper image guidance, or doesn’t contain the right “stuff” for your condition? Patients should be wary of any clinic or practitioner who makes outlandish claims or promises to “fix” you with a single shot of anything.

The Regenexx suite of procedures are different in several important ways: A manual processing method allows Regenexx providers to customize and concentrate platelet rich plasma, platelet lysate, and bone marrow according to the specific needs of your condition. This is important because as we learn about the effects of PRP in various applications, we learn that different kinds of tissue may require different concentrations or types of PRP. We also know that for stem cell procedures cell counts are crucial to ensure that a therapeutic threshold has been obtained for every injection. Doctors doing stem cell injections without performing proper cell counts could literally be “shooting blanks.”

Regenexx network affiliated doctors are also unique. Any company will sell any doctor a bed-side centrifuge and run for the exit. There is no verification that the doctor is appropriately trained, has expertise in musculoskeletal medicine, is qualified to use image guidance, or understands the first thing about exercise physiology, cellular medicine, or rehabilitation. In contrast, Regenexx affiliated doctors have all been thoroughly screened for appropriate qualifications in musculoskeletal and orthopedic medicine, explicitly trained in clinically validated treatment protocols, and are required to stay abreast of all new developments in the areas of cellular medicine and orthopedic care. In fact, most physicians who apply to use Regenexx procedures and be trained in the treatment protocols are turned away.

The physicians are Columbia Pain Management are board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation experts with decades of experience in non-operative orthopedics, spine care, pain management, and musculoskeletal medicine. Our facility is an accredited office-based surgery center with state of art diagnostic and imaging equipment including fluoroscopy and ultrasound. Our RN’s have completed specialized training in regenerative medicine therapeutics and understand all phases of treatment. If you’re considering a regenerative medicine procedure, don’t trust your body to anyone less than the best. Simply put, the best chance of getting a good treatment outcome depends upon receiving the right diagnosis by the right doctor and getting the right biologic injection in the right place. If you feel stuck, stymied, or frustrated by lack of healing and persistent pain we might be able to help.



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