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Buprenorphine Treatment Program

People with chronic pain using opioid pain medications are at risk for a number of possible complications: Loss of pain relief requiring higher and higher doses, physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms between doses, overdose and death. We also realize that opioid addiction can happen to anyone (with or without chronic pain), and take a compassionate approach to individualized treatment without judgment.

Buprenorphine is a unique medication in the opioid class that can be used to reduce symptoms of withdrawal and pain. Its pharmacology and mechanism of action is different from other opioids. It carries less risk of overdose, respiratory suppression, and works on receptors in the pain system that other opioid medications do not.

Columbia Pain Management’s outpatient buprenorphine program is specifically designed to address the needs of patients experiencing unwanted side effects or poor pain control on their current opioid pain medication regimen.

  • Comprehensive medical, psychosocial and addiction evaluation by our team
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Discreet and private office visits at one of our clinic locations
  • Integration of treatment services to produce superior results–including comprehensive pain management, pain education, and mind-body interventions such as Guided Imagery
  • A focus on maintaining and improving the ability to function in life despite pain or dependency
  • Assistance to negotiate serious family, employment, regulatory and legal situations if required