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Patient Reviews

2 years ago
Staff and Dr.Khemlani are 100% professional. Super friendly and very comprehensive in the care they provide.I can't say enough about Dr.Khemlani and his understanding of my situation and explaining all my options.
Jim Pardee
2 years ago
Extremely professional and caring physicians, nurses and other staff. Some of these treatments do not work well for some conditions, but this is fully and transparently explained ahead of time. Either way, the care is deep.
Ati Yates
3 years ago
Such caring staff!! The testing and procedures I had done has helped me so much and I had a lot of serious problems. I do not have one negative word to say. I have seen doctor Russo and doctor Rigert both. They are honest and tell you upfront what they can help you with and the expected outcome, which they were right. I am thankful for these people!!
Larinda Leach
5 years ago
Terrific experience, had knee pain 24/7 when I arrived, after only 4 weeks am already much improved. Everyone I met while I was there was fantastic. Looking forward to having the other knee done once this one has more time to heal
Linda Custodio
5 years ago
Very thorough and understanding man. I've struggled with chronic pain and SIJ issues for years after a MVA. Dr. Russo reviewed all my records and took the time to understand my history. After 2 injections I"m much better. His whole office and staff are very friendly and honest people. I wish that I didn't need pain management, but I don't mind coming here.
Vitals Reviewer
9 years ago
Dr. Russo and the whole crew at his office are very nice and professional. He went the extra mile to figure out what was wrong with me when everyone else just wanted to throw pills at me. He did a very thorough review of my records and examination. I like the way he takes time to explain all of your options and not just rail road you into something that you don't want to do.
Vitals Reviewer